Longbow Island

a VR archery-adventure game for Quest 2 and PC


Explore a mysterious, eventful island of the archery trials. Dive in unique temples full of bow & arrow challenges. Prove worthy to the archery godess herself!


Enjoy the intuitive, easy to learn bow and arrow shooting. Don’t think it’s a child’s play – true mastery will take practice. Heavily inspired by Valve’s “Longbow” minigame found in “The Lab” VR experience.


Colorful and minimal aesthetic. Focused on architecture.

excitement, not fear

The player is never harmed, killed or attacked directly. Enjoy the world of Longbow Island with a peace of mind.


Mikołaj Bazaczek

Gamedev by night, archviz by day. 3D generalist specialized in classic architectural visualisation and VR with more than 10 years experience in the industry.